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2019 Renfrew and Arnprior Fair List

Theme: Fall Spooktacular

  1. Halloween wreath– suitable to hang on door, max 18” in diameter

  2. Child’s apron – sewed, SMA

  3. Fresh flower arrangement – for dining table, max 12”x12” incl. container

  4. Child’s character hat – crocheted, SMA

  5. Tote bag – suitable for trick-or-treating, sewn, SMA

  6. Halloween party invitation – hand made, not machine generated

  7. Scarecrow – made from recycled materials, max 36” high

  8. Beaded necklace – 18” in length

  9. Halloween collage – 14” x 22” (half bristol board)

  10. 3 homemade candy apples in decorated container – display judged only

  11. Short one page story about a favourite fall memory – Handwritten on unlined paper, mounted on Bristol board. Judged on content, cursive decoration (BN)

  12. 12 pot holders or hot pads, quilted either machine or hand done. Using fall theme and colours. SMA (BN)

  13. A cake or 6 cupcakes decorated in the various colours of Canada’s Fall season. Judged on decor only (BN)

  14. Apple sauce – spiced, 250 ml canning jar

  15. Pumpkin loaf – one half, regular size, no nuts, no icing, covered on plate

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