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Arnprior and Renfrew Fair Lists

THEME : Let’s Celebrate!


1. The Theme was created with both the Canada 150 and FWIO 120 celebrations in mind. 2. BN means that # 12, 13 and 14 can be shown at the Area Convention Bernice Noblett competition

1. 12”x12” scrapbook page of a 2017 Canada 150 community event

2. Photo: black and white , 5x7 of an existing “heritage” building with a brief summary of its history, together mounted (not framed) on 8 1/2x11

3. Bread and Butter pickles 250ml canning jar - unsealed jars will not be judged

4. Floral Centrepiece (fresh flowers) for an Afternoon party celebrating Canada 150 and WI 120, container of choice, not to exceed 18” in any direction

5. Newly Crochet Doily - max. diameter 6 inches, mounted on bristolboard SYA

6. Newly Knit Scarf and Mitts for an adult to wear at a Canada 150 Winter Event SYA

7. An Heirloom, Handmade Needlework item with an interesting anecdote, typewritten150 words or less- mounted (eg. tatting, smocking , crochet, sewing. No quilting.)

8. Strawberry Jam, cooked 250 ml. canning jar

9. 3 Dinner rolls, white, on a paper plate in a sealed bag

10. 3 Date-filled Oatmeal Crescent Cookies on a paper plate in a sealed plastic bag.

11. 2 Handmade matching Coasters, any material, maximum diameter 6”

12. BN 3 Sugar Cookies decorated with Maple Leaf theme , may/may not be cut out in Leaf shape, on a paper plate sealed in a plastic bag

13. BN Handwritten Poem incorporating both celebrations…..Canada 150 and WI 120, double spaced on unlined paper, mounted, no larger than 9”x13” 14. BN Quilt Block, using Maple Leaf design……any style (applique, pieced,etc.) No larger than 16” in any direction. Mounted on bristolboard SMA

15. Collage representing and including the words for O Canada, on ½ bristolboard, 14”x21”

16. A newly Sewn child’s toy SMA

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