Arnprior Fair List 2014

Arnprior FairTheme: St Patrick’s Tea

1. Sewn Placemat for St. Patrick’s Day (SMA)

2. Computerized Invitation for St. Patrick’s Day Tea

3. Poster advertising the tea (8×10) not on computer

4. Recipe for Irish Stew – Hand Written, Penmanship to be judged only (8.5 x11)

5. Sewn 1/2 Apron, decorated to theme (SMA)

6. Child’s size Fair Isle Knitted Pullover, size no less than 8 or larger than 12 (SYA, Renfrew Fair)

7. A bag or purse made from old jeans, Max 20″x16″ (SMA)

8. Pair of knit bed slippers (SYA)

9. 3 scones on a styrofoam plate, covered

10. Loaf of soda bread

11. 3 date squares on styrofoam plate, covered

12. 3 oatmeal cookies on styrofoam plate, covered

13. Jar of marmalade (with decorative lid in cloth) at least 2 fruits named, 250 ml (Bernice Noblitt)

14. Cup and saucer for centrepiece – decorated to theme

15. Vase with dried flowers not to exceed 18″ in any direction


  • Entry fee is $5.00, only open to WI Branches and work must be done by a member and exhibited by the branch to which they belong.
  • Each branch will have a 5 ft table.
  • Entry time is Wednesday between 6:00pm and 8:30pm only
  • At least 10 out of 15 articles must be exhibited.
  • If a branch wants to put in more than the 10 items that is fine as long as they have 10.  If list was longer, then no more than 15.
  • Prizes are $8, $6, $4 and $20 (given by the Arnprior Agricultural Society for best display)
  • Set up in exhibit hall Wednesday August 6.
  • Judging will be Thursday, August 7 at 9 am. two members must attend judging.
  • Pick up between 3pm – 4pm Sunday, August 10

New Executive for Renfrew South

Here is the list new list of officers for the executive of RSDWI for 2014-2015.

  • Past President: Margie MacKenzie
  • President: Joanne McDonald
  • 1st Vice President: Jo-Anne Camelon
  • 2nd Vice President: Sara MacKenzie
  • Secretary: Gail Reid
  • Treasurer: Jane Flain
  • Public Relations Officer: Lynn Clelland
  • Curator: Irene Robillard
  • Advocacy Co-ordinator: Lillian Collins
  • Membership Co-ordinator: Anita Schubrink
  • Scholarship Co-ordinator: Lynn Clelland

A report on the District Annual will be reported by your District Director at upcoming branch meetings and minutes will be circulated at a later date. Best wishes to outgoing President Margie MacKenzie and a big welcome to Joanne McDonald who is taking her place. Thank you to guests Judy Bohn (North Renfrew) and to Myra Kelly (Eastern Area Board Member to FWIO), Maritta Saharinen (Eastern Area President) and Ruth McHugh (Eastern Area Secretary) for joining us in Glasgow.

101st District Annual Meeting in May

The Renfrew South District Women’s Institute District Annual Meeting will be held in the evening on Wednesday May 7, 2014 at Glasgow United Church at 87 McCallum Drive.

  • Registration and Entertainment: 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm –please bring your own name tag!
  • Light supper : 6:00 pm , followed by meeting
  • Hosts: Glasgow Branch
  • Theme: The Next Century Begins
  • Roll Call: How did you celebrate the 100th anniversary of the district?

To register, please contact your branch.  Registration form and payment due to the district treasurer: by April 25th


We hope to see you there!

Renfrew Fair List 2014

All rules for the 2013 fair year apply with exception of the modifications listed below which will be typed in Bold font in the 2014 prize list book.


# 8 Items in section 4 through 15 must depict the Theme with All “Four Season’s” being represented in the display. Each fair tag must include notification of which season of choice item is representing. Ex Wind Chimes are representing “Summer”.

The items this year will receive placing according to judges decisions following the Homecraft Judging Standard Book of 1st

The display will be judged according to judge’s discretion with consideration to Inclusion of all four seasons being depicted in display, Creative Design, color, use of materials, and general appearance.

1. A bag or purse made from old jeans. Max 20”x16”. SMA Bernice Noblitt Comp. 2014

2. Short essay “When, How and Why I Joined the W.I. (Max. 250 words) Bernice Noblitt Comp.2014

3. Jar of Marmalade(with decorative lid in cloth) at least 2 fruits(name them) 250 ml jar Bernice Noblitt Comp 2014

4. Wind Chime using Recycled Material

5. Scrap Book Page depicting the four seasons, to include journaling on 12” X 12” page

6. Child’s Size Fair Isle knitted pullover, sizes no less than 8 and no larger than 12 SMA

7. Photo Collage of WI activities, mounted on 8.5” X11”

8. 3 pieces of chocolate fudge, size 2”X2”, plated and in clear plastic bag

9. Quilted, Reversible Table Runner, no more than 20” wide and 45” long, SMA

10. Winter arrangement using natural materials, no larger than 3 ft in height by 24”

11. Handmade Christmas Tree ornament

12. Homemade “Salsa” in 250ml preserving jar

13. Crochet scarf, no more than 60”inches in length

14. Handmade – Decorative Door Stop, Originality to be judged

15. Handmade “Scare Crow”, size 24” high X 18”

Note Change to Donors To Women’s Institute Classes

Mary MacGregor Memorial Award- Will be awarded to the branch with the highest number of 1st


White Lake WI Enjoys March Program

Nothing like a relaxing massage at a meeting!  In March, members of White Lake Branch enjoyed a hand massage from Cathy Silke from Silke Touch in Waba at their monthly branch meeting.

Cathy’s organic potions and magical touch left our hands very soft and our spirits refreshed.  Thanks to Cathy for sharing and Karyn Martin for another wonderful program.

White Lake WI Program

District Director’s Meeting



Mark your calendars:

1. The next meeting of the Executive and all District Directors will take place on January 4, 2014 at the Admaston Bromley Council Chambers.

2. Next year’s Eastern Area Convention will take place on October 18, 2014 at Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church on Baskin Drive in Arnprior.

Bernice Noblitt Winners!

Renfrew South DWI had an outstanding showing in this year’s Bernice Noblitt competition at the Eastern Area Convention.

Here is a full list of the winners!  Congratulations everyone.

Photo of a Back-to-Basics activity

1. Sara MacKenzie, Calabogie

2. Karen Martin, White Lake

3. Rosetta McInnes, Bethel

Infant Bib

1. Dorina Vachon, Cumberland

2. Signe Kubiseski, Burnstown

2. Deborah Ireton, Drummond Centre

Quilted Table Runner

1. Ina Henry, Russell Village

2. Diane Huddle, Calabogie

3. Valerie Betty Briscoe, Balsam Hill – Horton

Report from Eastern Area Convention

Approximately 100 ladies attended the 99th Eastern Area Convention at Vankleek Hill on October 16, 2013.

The Theme for the day was ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’.

We were honored to have FWIO President Evelyn Peck at the meeting.  She told of the busy year she has had attending many meetings and presenting 100 year pins and awards to individual branches and districts.  She assisted the FWIO Board with updates to the Strategic Plan and the new Handbook updates. To help increase our finances on the provincial level they have reinstated the PRO role. They are looking for a sysinct simple motto to describe WI. They have divided the Tweedsmuir History to 3 sections – digitizing, Canada 150 (Irene Robillard) and the Tweedsmuir history. There have been lots of renos at the Erland Lee from the ‘Friends of the Lee’ funds.  This has opened up to more meetings, activities and attendance at the museum. There was a Resolution to introduce Lifestyles back to the schools  Although the government agreed, they missed the intention that this was to be mandatory.  FWIO is still working on this resolution.There is to be Leadership Training introduced again with a budget of $450 available for venues and travel. She encourages members to be visible, positive and optimistic.  Meet the needs & interest of the new members. She presented Recruitment awards and Cecile Lameroux of Burnstown was a recipient of this award.

Afternoon Speaker was Sylvie Dagenais-Doville – a Laughter Yoga Coach/Instructor Sylvie strongly believes that WI is something that the younger generation needs.  She encouraged us to keep doing what we are doing to keep the organization alive and strong.
Laughter Yoga originated from India and has become a passion in many countries.  Good for everyone but she introduced it into nursing homes and especially with alziemer patients.  They may not remember her name, but when the mantra starts or the music of their era begins, they sing or chant the words.  This is a great and easy exercise for breathing and relaxation and also stimulates the brain.  It boasts the immune system, improves lung capacity, muscle relaxing, eliminates depression and stress.  Sylvie encourage us to be playful, smile it is contagious and to breath. Mantra is HO HO HA HA HA 3 TIMES, VERY GOOD VERY GOOD YEAH 2 TIMES clapping the rhythm.  Breth in through the nose and exhale from belly to mouth.  Go from a smile,  to a laugh with the people around you.  Then a shy laugh at your neighbour, then the mantra,  lift a window as you breath, put it down as you exhale – then the mantra – shake finger laugh, mantra, breath by raising arms to inhale and laugh on the way down, I AM AMAZING, YOU ARE AMAZING, WE ARE AMAZING 2 TIMES AND THEN MANTRA – fill cup one side ‘eee’ then the other side, ‘eee’  now the 3rd time ‘eee’ and then drink down with laughter – then the mantra. Sylvie encourages us to have fun, dance, music while doing the mantra.  Put more laughter in your life…..laugh while in the shower, doing dishes, it takes the drama out of your life and very good for your mental health.

We enjoyed a wonderful slide show from Christine Raeburn and Irene Robillard on their trip to ACWW Conference in India.  What an interesting culture to experience with women from all over the world.

Last was the proposed plans for the 100th anniversary for Eastern Area Convention which will be held in RSDWI October 18, 2014.  The invitation has been completed by Margie MacKenzie from Renfrew South District and we will be looking for lots of help to make this day a memorable one.  We will have lots of practice as we wind down from RSDWI centennial celebrations this year.

Draws were completed – Alma Majaury won a prize and was recognized for 58 years of attending the Area Convention. The flags were retired.  And we headed home after a long and enjoyable day.

Jo-Anne Camelon

W.I. Restructuring Resolution

Ontario Women’s Institute Members,

After many surveys and discussions about restructuring the executive levels of FWIO, Howick WI branch has written two resolutions (see below) and sent them to FWIO.  They were read at the August board meeting. From the reading of these resolutions, and the other recommendations sent from the membership, a committee has been formed to look into restructuring FWIO executive.  Howick WI would like to get support for these resolutions from other branches and individual members.

We do realize some changes in the wording and division of regions will be made and your suggestions on these will be appreciated. We asking you to take these resolutions to your members and then send your letters of support (or disapproval) to the chair of the “Restructuring Committee” so the committee knows the feelings of the membership going forward.

Margaret Christenson is chair of the restructuring committee.

Address is 4443 Second Line W
RR#6 Sault Ste Marie On
P6A 6K4

Thank you in advance.
Howick Women’s Institute

Proposed Organizational Restructuring of FWIO

WHEREAS The Executive structure of the Federated Women’s Institutes of Ontario has more levels than are necessary,

AND WHEREAS membership has declined but governance has remained the same, it is time for change,

AND WHEREAS finding people to fill executive positions at all levels has become difficult,

AND WHEREAS the ever-dwindling membership cannot support the cost of the present governance structure,

AND WHEREAS we believe FWIO must become more streamlined, efficient and operate more economically,

AND WHEREAS there have been numerous surveys asking for suggestions,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Howick Women’s Institute requests:

THAT FWIO dissolve the two levels of ‘District’ and ‘Area’ and dispense with the Area Voting Delegates;

THAT seven Regions be created with a Regional Board Director from each (Proposed regions attached as addendum A);

THAT the FWIO board shall be comprised of seven Board Directors elected by their Region;

THAT Regional Annual Meetings will be held in the fall.



Proposed Federated Women’s Institutes of Ontario Organizational Restructuring


(Provincial Board Representation = 22)


(Provincial Board Representation = 7)


4 Areas = 9 Districts = 28 Branches

(2 Elected Board Directors + 4 Voting Delegates)



28 Branches

(1 Elected Board Director)


3 Areas = 17 Districts = 83 Branches

(2 Elected Board Directors + 3 Voting Delegates)


44 Branches

(1 Elected Board Director)



39 Branches

(1 Elected Board Director)



4 Areas = 16 Districts = 111 Branches

(2 Elected Board Directors + 4 Voting Delegates


51 Branches

(1 Elected Board Director)



60 Branches

(1 Elected Board Director)



3 Areas = 17 Districts = 95 Branches

(2 Elected Board Directors + 3 Voting Delegates)



42 Branches

(1 Elected Board Director)


(1 Elected Board Director)



Resolution 2  -  Proposed Changes to FWIO Annual General Meeting

WHEREAS Federated Women’s Institutes of Ontario membership need to be more informed and involved,

AND WHEREAS the entire membership should be encouraged to participate,

AND WHEREAS reporting will be simplified and more effective,

AND WHEREAS the current FWIO Annual General Meeting is being held in January each year, which is a most undesirable time for travel in Ontario,

AND WHEREAS with a Spring AGM and a fall Regional Convention, information disseminates regularly through the year,

AND WHEREAS an Annual Conference Event would bring members together for fellowship, education and organizational business,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Howick Women’s Institute requests:

THAT the FWIO Annual General Meeting should become an annual Conference Event held in April (This would negate the need of triennial conferences);

THAT the entire membership is welcome to attend;

THAT each branch will have one vote;

THAT each branch will be responsible to fund their own delegate;

THAT there may be training sessions and workshops at this event.

Women of Exellence Fair Award Winners 2013

Congratulations to Beth Wallace and Margaret Neill, both of White Lake Women’s Institute.  Both are winners of the Renfrew South District WI Women of Excellent Fair Awards.  Margaret won for her contributions to the Arnprior Fair and Beth for Renfrew.  Both were presented certificates by President Margaret MacKenzie at a recent branch meeting.

Congratulations ladies, job well done!